After a long and fun-filled exercise riddled subway ride to Seoul, we finally reached our destination at the Blue Square (블루스퀘어). We skipped out of the subway doors and headed up the stairs all the while reading the signs leading us to our musical spectacular, Chicago!

In all honesty, the musical was amazing, feisty and magical. We loved that they incorporated Korean phrases into the script and moreso that we understood it. I was so thrilled to see such fine dancers and beautiful singers. I don't think either one of us realized how much we had missed a live orchestra, but... wow! Talk about a great orchestra! This was already going to be a great show and we had only just turned our phones off and settled down for the first half of this great show.

After the first half of the show, we slipped out the side door and right into the ladies room without so much as a minute wait; an obvious perk of VIP seats. We strolled up the steps and out into the lobby and picked up a couple of new "All That Jazz" coffee mugs and a beautiful program. I have to say I was very enthusiastic about the high-quality merchandise. 

I feel especially lucky getting to watch Roz Ryan sing. She's been a major icon in Hollywood and theater for years and it was an honest pleasure watching someone ooze stage presence! I knew some of my favorite songs from the show were in good hands. Dylis Croman honestly took me on an emotional trip around the world! First, she annoyed me, then I adored her, then I hated her and then I loved her. It was a true testament to acting. 

Watching Brent Barrett sing "All I Care About is Love" was the highlight of my night, followed closely by Chris Newcomer's portrayal as Miss Mary Sunshine... holy cow, you sure can sing! Amy was stoked about Shamicka Benn playing "Go to hell, Kitty" and wanted me to make sure that I let the world know how pretty she is. Nothing would be possible without the rest of the cast and we couldn't have felt luckier just sitting in the audience. 

We walked away from Chicago the musical feeling so blessed and spoiled. I think I didn't realize how much I missed quality theatrical entertainment since leaving Tennessee and I KNOW I'll be planning to see more shows in the future. 

Don't forget to click the thumbnail at the top to watch the vlog for this amazing day!


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