So, a while back in December, one of my FAVORITE Youtube cooking stars came to South Korea. Being that she's South Korean, this may not seem so amazing to most people, but, we were jumping for joy at the chance to meet Maangchi (aka Emily Kim.) After a few days of wrestling with the internets we had secured our place on the reservation list and were totally stoked to make the drive to Seoul and enjoy the meetup at the Google offices in Gangnam. The first part of my excitement was making my homemade "Eomuk Bokkeum," 어묵볶음 (a spicy fish cake side dish, 반찬.) My recipe is actually a hybrid between Maanchi's and Aeri's (another great Youtube chef.) It's a family favorite and I have NO idea why it's only a side dish when I could honestly eat it as a meal.

While the highlight of my night should have been getting my cookbook signed, but, I was unfortunate to have forgotten it at the house on the way out the door. In turn the biggest thrill of the night was actually when Maangchi herself knew who I was on site and asked me where all of my children were (as you can see, we only brought 3 as some of our kids weren't feeling very well so they stayed home.) You could have knocked me down with a feather. The amount of fangirl in me has never been that high. I was so excited just to be in the same room as this amazing person AND SHE KNEW WHO WE WERE!

I think the coolest thing about the whole night was how relaxed it all was. We got to meet some really cool expats and made an awesome connection to another Youtuber that we respect a lot around this house. All in all, I'd have to say I had a blast and I look forward to meeting the next fellow YouTuber in the future. [youtube]

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