Yes, we live with seven children in one house. It's a little crazy at times, but, totally worth it.

South korea


Yup, we have actually lived there from 2015 to 2018. Don't believe everything you see on tv though, our lives are quite peaceful there. It wasn’t an ideal setting to exist and it was VERY expensive but, we did it. Foreigners do not have the same rights as nationals and we’re not confident we’d ever do it again, but, it was an experience we still cherish. Korea has come so far but, it has further to go still to catch up with the rest of the modern world in terms of equality, but, we have confidence they’ll figure it out.



Yes, we homeschool our children. They love reading, history and math!



David is in fact enlisted in the military. Thanks for asking. We’re currently living with him here in Kansas.



In 2018, we were relocated with the military back to the United States from South Korea. It was the most financially difficult moves we have ever been through and we have yet to recover fully. We LOVED Korea and everything we learned and experienced (for the most part) but, the whole “get them on the way out” thing is REAL. There were SO many things we paid for that just aren’t even a thing most folks worry about here. EVEN still, we would encourage you to visit and even live in South Korea. It’s a great experience. If we ever go back, it’s eyes wide open next time!