So, this week we had a lot of things going on. We had guests and costumes to finish making for our end of summer bash. So, tonight I made pork chops in the crock pot. We have the biggest one we could find at the store; a seven quart, I think.  Here's our yummy recipe!

~10 pork chops (remove the bone)
~1 or 2 garden fresh tomatoes
~1 small can of mushrooms
~1/8 cup olive oil
~1/8 cup apple cider vinegar
~1/2 cup brown sugar
~1 jar of home canned mock pineapple or a 16oz can of real pineapple
~1 cup freeze dried broccoli (real stuff might need adjustment in timing)
~1 large red bell pepper
~ 1/2 cup dried onions (or real)
~ about 2 Tbl worstechire sauce

Set all into the crock pot and set on low. We cooked ours for about 7 hours. You have to throw the broccoli in like twenty minutes before you plan to eat. It was fall apart, melt in your mouth fantastic and served over a bed of rice.

This had to be one of the easiest meals I've made in a while. It was yummy and now hubby has another great meal to take to work later this week. (Apparently, my lunches are a hit! Who knew??)


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