So, we're new to the whole crockpot world and I've got to say I'm liking it! I found a recipe on Pinterest for black bean soup and made it better with stuff from our food storage.
First I poured in three cans of organic black beans, undrained. Then a can of organic fire roasted tomatoes, undrained. We put in a can of mixed veggies, drained, that someone gave us (which, I'll admit no one ever eats in our family.) I grabbed our freeze dried green onions and some dehydrated chopped onions. I put in a handful of the former and a couple handfuls of the latter and added in some sea salt.
We poured in a container of organic veggie broth and set the crockpot to high. It smelled pretty good and looked alright. We set it up in the classroom so the kids could keep an easy eye on it throughout the day, which they got a huge kick out of.
About half way through the day it started to boil so we switched it to low and let it cook for a few more hours. When the whole upstairs smelled yummy we took a vote and decided to add in an eight ounce container of cream cheese since we didn't have regular cheese or sour cream.
Luckily, I have an immersion blender so right before we served it we switched the crockpot to warm and blended up the cream cheese and the soup. All I could say was wow! I didn't expect it to taste so wonderful. I kind of expected it to taste bland. But, it was flavorful and delicious! Our picky boys even asked for seconds and later in the evening we had more, too!
Do you have a crockpot? I've found it to be a huge blessing as standing over a stove during my third trimester doesn't thrill me.
Have a God Blessed Day!
~ Endeavoring Mama ~

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