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Kimbap and Korean Baseball

Kimbap and Korean Baseball

I have been so humbled and honored with every trip we attend here in South Korea. Our hosts are always super hospitable and kind to our entire family. It's always a ton of fun and the food is always memorable. These pictures are from a wonderful trip we went on with PIEF

The Kimbap Lesson

We got to attend a wonderful cooking class followed by a trip to a really fun baseball game. First we drove out to the Osan location for PIEF and participated in a cooking class where we learned to make kimbap. The kids helped out a bit, but, the lure of the dry erase board was a strong one! Click here to watch our IGTV video about our Kimbap adventure.

The Baseball Game

After the lesson, we ate all the kimbap and then we packed up and headed to the buses outside. We enjoyed not having to drive all the way to Seoul (bus lanes mean we got there EVEN quicker!) Once outside the stadium, we were given tickets and everyone headed into the million stair ascension to our seats (have I mentioned how much I hate stairs?!)

Sincerely, the stairs were the only real part of the entire evening that I would say I didn't enjoy. The game was a lot of fun and it's was nice to be able to take the kids to another baseball game. The bigger difference between last time and this time was that this stadium had a dome covering it, so no mosquitos and it was MUCH cooler than last time. My only real regret is not taking enough photos and only remembering to take snapchat photos of myself ha ha ha.


We had so much fun at this trip. The folks in charge of the cooking class made chicken while we were eating our kimbap so we were given chicken and melon flavored Gatorade to enjoy during the game. Daddy even had enough pocket change to throw in some ice cream on this very fun evening. Overall, we had a blast and I really enjoyed this game.

Have you taken your family to see a Baseball game? Let us know down below!


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