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superbowl joke

Superbowl Sunday!!!

Just kidding... We don't watch the superbowl and haven't since the days of laundromat Dorito commercials and the start of the e*trade baby.

Instead, we ordered pizza from Dominos and cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom. The kids came up with ideas to buy a new (er) car when the baby gets here and we hypothesized over what our next big family purchase should be. (We're deciding between a Big Berkey water filtration system, Stove-tec, or a ...a..., it's Monday)

Today, we got the trash out to the curb, started a new quart of orange cleaner and our daughter visited the grocery store with some family friends and bought the family groceries for the week all by herself. (So proud!) Our new dehydrator came and we're all really excited to try it out this month.

We've had a very busy week and it's only Monday evening! Tonight, before I go to bed I'll be printing off coupons and curriculum for the kids homeschool work for the rest of the week and making copies of the lesson plans for the other kids for next year.

Tomorrow, we plan to enjoy sister's homemade, from scratch, oatmeal raisin cookies! She's been dying to make them with my new stand mixer (thanks hunny!!) I'll be looking in the garage for the seed starter dirt and we'll be starting our cabbages in the guest room.

I'm going to focus on laundry since that is the best thing to do on Tuesdays around here and I'm going to wash and stain treat the kids carseat covers, since the van is out of commission. We have to check on our worm farm and make them some veggie yummy out of the baby food that the baby refuses to eat and clean out the laundry room...

How busy are you this week?


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