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A Little Bit at a Time...

So, we have been very busy moving into our new home and it seems like time has just skipped away from us. In waiting for a new camera, we stopped posting on YouTube. I waited and am still waiting to unpack my computer so that spotted me from blogging (until today!) The reality is that we're just that busy!

I've been busy putting together the children's lesson plans, taking the kids to the new dentist office and doing things with our wonderful new neighbors. We've enjoyed canning up strawberry jam and baking so many new recipes. I think I've perfected the bread recipe (we'll know in a few hours!) I've begun to listen to the Dave Ramsey show on my stitcher app for android and I've enjoyed throwing countless amounts of very full bags of clothing to the goodwill!! (Yay!!) I've gone down a clothing size and swapped out all of the lightbulbs in the new house with LED bulbs save for four floodlights in the recessed lighting we have in our kitchen and the fancy and strange bulbs we found in the living room fan (they have these weird pins and don't screw in!)

It seems that I forgot that blogger had an so available until today, so I do ask you to forgive me as I totally meant to share our new adventures with you and totally would have but... *insert pathetic excuse here!*

I've had great luck with our new worm composting bin (the worm factory 360.) We had only had them since this year and I now have a full bin and we're working on a second one now! Our solar unit is outside charging right now and I've been using that in the living room so we're not being exposed to that CFL bulb radiation. Since its a fancy pin bulb, I'm going to have to find a resource to tap to get some LED replacements!

The kids have begged for us to get a Sun oven since we're going to be trying to cut back on our electricity this summer. Since we're twice the size of a normal family, I might end up buying two (or more!) I'm hoping we'll be able to do this is July!
Before we agreed to start following Dave Ramsey's method for debt elimination we managed to pay off an old water bill, cell phone bill and we're starting to figure out what we're going to focus on next. I'm going to be pouring my pennies into the family jar so we can save up our emergency money.
We sold off our two yucky old vans and bought a decent, indeed model car large enough to seat all of our family members and we are very happy now that we can travel together.
Our oldest son tried his hand at soccer and I'm still not sure if he'll be sticking with it. (Unfortunately, he's got his mama's sports skills.) Luckily, the Lord has blessed him with a bouncy spirit and an uncanny ability of resilience that is unrivaled at times.

Our daughter has been busy making new friends and had been saving her pennies to pay for her braces. Unfortunately, she didn't get my teeth, so it's going to cost us. But, she's working hard and we're matching every dollar. We ask for prayers in this endeavor as dental costs can be a real killer on the finances. We're going we'll be able to get this started this in the spring. She's also going to start playing her flute and I'll be adding music to her lesson plan this year so that will be very exciting!
Our third born is starting kindergarten this year and I'm feeling so very blessed to have set up his folders last year. He's so very excited to be starting finally! Our fourth is a little too young to really sit still long enough to get anything done, so we're letting him chill out another year. He'll be able to help us with the two littles while I give instruction to the oldest the children.

Well, it seems like we're very much caught up now. I'll try to blog more often from now on!
Thanks & Have a God Blessed Day!


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