So, last year, we were supposed to go pick someone up at the airport and they were not there to be picked up. We ended up walking all over the airport looking for ANYTHING to do. As it was a morning flight, we figured we would just throw everyone in the car and drive out to Incheon and find something to eat once we got there. It was actually a nice drive because when you have a family our size, or carpool with a lot of people... or drive a BUS you can drive in the bus lane and skip a ton of traffic all the way to Seoul; so this actually cut out a lot of driving time. 

Once we got there and realized that the person we were scheduled to pick up was not there we decided to stick around and let the kids get some wiggles out by walking around the airport. Amy learned that she isn't the rightful owner of my phone and everyone got to stick their hands on impressions left there by famous Korean celebrities. The neatest thing was that in California we had never had the chance to take them to the theater in Hollywood that had this same type of attraction and so it made the visit to the airport very special. 

I can't tell you how nice it was to find that they had live entertainment shows in the main international side of the airport. (It was way too crowded and I forgot to take a pic.) We even found a skating rink and a movie theater. On the menu for snacks at the movie theater was buttered squid. I am determined to try it eventually, but, not anywhere that I have a LONG drive ahead of me, so this will have to wait as some of our kids are known to have sensitive tummies. 

Amy was thrilled to find the LED lights in the sink and even remembered that we saw on on amazon that did the same thing. She is still up in the air as to if she wants one or not though. For now, it's a fun idea. (Can you even imagine a light up sink?) Comment below if you would ever install one in YOUR bathroom!

Sadly, the day had to have a lesson to be learned about 30 minutes away from the house. The two middle kids who got caught fighting in the back seat were given the choice of apologizing to everyone and going home or walking home. In their pride, they stuck to their guns and arrogantly exited the vehicle with dad. After a nice long walk, a lot of hand holding and talking, they arrived at the local GS25 (kind of like a 7/11 convenience store) where David bought them water and I swung back around to pick them up. It was a very hot day and they were grateful. In the end, they admitted they were wrong and we haven't had a fight like that in the car since! 

In all honesty, it was a lovely trip and I look forward to making it with them again, if only for the fact that the drive there and back is SO much smoother going through that blessed bus lane. As always, thanks for reading and watching our videos! Don't forget to like, comment and SUBSCRIBE!



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