Oh, my goodness! So, we were blessed to go on this fantastically fun and free trip to Insadong. In order to space out content (so we didn't drown you in a 30 min tv special) we made three different videos so you could enjoy them one by one on your own beautiful time.

In video number one we got to see the Changdeokgung Palace!

In video number two, we toured the beautiful Palace Secret Garden and enjoyed some authentic Korean dinner!

Finally, in video number three, we got to see a parade full of wonderful authentic Korean Hanbok wearing people! It was so heartwarming to meet so many people and even more exciting to wonder exactly how many people have photos with our family (seriously, if you have some, tweet us or tag us on Instagram! #TEFLove!)

So, if you've followed our story thus far, we thank you so very much. Each video in this set was full of fun memories we brought home from our free Insadong trip! I don't think we'll be forgetting them any time soon. We had such a blast on this trip and we hope you enjoyed everything! Don't forget to leave us a comment and subscribe for more fun videos.


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