We had so much fun getting a chance to visit the Wootdali Culture Village again this month! This time we were able to beat on the tteok instead of the drums and everyone was excited to make our very own Hanji boxes. It was a simple craft but, lots of fun to participate in. 

While we were there I met a woman who did this kind of craft in a classroom setting on the regular and she helped me out with my "technique." I didn't catch her name but, she sure was helpful.

Some of the boxes have been used to store tea and other boxes has been used to store toys. I have one in my cabinet that now holds on to our dice. We are really kicking ourselves for not jumping at the chance to go on more of these cool trips since we've been in Korea and we'll miss them in full sincerity when we go back home next year.

Honestly, we need to remember to take more photos for the blogs. We seem to just forget on these trips since we integrated the use of the DJI Gimbals**.  Below are the couple of photos we managed to snap while there. They have a really neat green screen room where you can select a photo and stand in the green room waiting for a timer to go off. When it takes the photo of you, you can email it to yourself. Pretty cool, huh? They even have costumes you can wear but, we were in a time crunch.

We were invited to attend a local event here in Pyeongtaek put on by the Pyeongtaek International Exchange Foundation 팽성국제교류센터 (PIEF) center here in Paengseong. The event was free and open to the public community in the area surrounding Camp Humphreys Army Base and the Osan Air Force Base. 

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