Injeolmi, Drums and Mugs in South Korea | Life in South Korea

We had such a blast with this video. It was our first time using our brand new DJI Osmo Mobile 2 gimbals that I got for my birthday and MAN are we having fun messing around with this things. (Speaking of, if you see the part of the gimbal sticking into the shots... we're sorry and we're trying to fix that asap.)

This video was not sponsored but, we sure had fun makin' it anyway! Seriously though, one of the biggest perks about living in South Korea are all the fun trips that are given away for FREE! I mean, wow, right?! We didn't have to pay for gas, admission, project supplies or food? YES, PLEASE! I love this country so much!

We had so much fun making injeolmi for the first time. It's so yummy and we're seriously going to miss having it so readily available someday when we head back to the states. What is really funny is that the first time the kids had it, they weren't really all that impressed and now, they love it! Korea has certainly grown on us!

Between bangin' on drums, makin' these cool mugs and chowing down on delicious food (which delivers in our area!) we had a fantastic time. Thanks for comin' along with us!


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