**The following letter is what I sent to United Airlines to tell them how upset we are about their policy changes affecting our family and our pets**

Hello, I am writing you to express my incredible disappointment in your decision to exclude both DAC ( Department of Army Civilians ) family pets in your plans to ship animals home from foreign countries as well as your exclusion of pets adopted/rescued by military families after arriving to their new homes. We had only ever heard how wonderful United was with shipping pets so it was a strong determining factor in our decisions to rescue our dog Max, an Old English Sheepdog with a permanently bent leg and Gus, our cat literally facing life on the streets. We found Max in a 10 day kill shelter and rescued him in 2016 and he's been a wonderful addition to our family, but, thanks to your knee jerk reaction changes to policies, we will face having to rehome him when we leave Korea because we cannot afford to bring him home without affordable airlines willing to ship our animals.

To say we're disheartened by your exclusions to policy is an understatement. I find your new policies deplorable and anti-American. We came to this country with the hopes of blooming where we were planted. Part of rebuilding our lives every time we move is finding something we can look forward to; something constant to hold on to. Our pets are the very thing that keep us grounded at every location we go to, the something that remains the same at each duty station. It's something our children look to in trying times such a turbulent move from South Korea to the United states after having lived in a foreign land for nearly 3 years. You are robbing us of our family pets and forcing us into extortion rates with your competitors. It's cruel.


Our Cat, Gus picking a strange place to nap

Our Cat, Gus picking a strange place to nap

I urge you to reconsider and accept ALL military pets and pets belonging to Government Contractors. It's the least you can do for the men and women in uniform NOT to force them into poverty to save the life of their cats and dogs. I look forward to your changes to policy as it's your chance to be on the right side of history. Our children would like to be able to count on having Max and Gus at our next duty station without having to pay thousands of dollars. Please do the right thing.

~Vanessa Staley~

Thanks for reading this blog. If you have been moved to do so, please consider signing your name on this petition made to request United to change their ways by CLICKING HERE


Here's a video we posted when we rescued Maggie. Another Old English Sheepdog that we rescued, healed and sent to her furever home. She is currently living with a DAC family that is facing not being able to afford to bring her home because of these ridiculous policies.


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