So, as you might have noticed both on our Facebook page and on Amy's twitter page, we recently participated in a local contest wherein we would share a page of information from the Visit Seoul website. The deal was that they would pick 200 foreigners to win the right to purchase VIP tickets to see the Broadway musical Chicago now visiting Seoul on it's international tour. 

Well, we got our email that our Facebook post WON!! Amy and I of course did a supreme happy dance and we were very excited. I am not certain why we didn't record the crazy shrieks, but, both of us thought we did. The subway system isn't as complicated as it seemed when I first tried to look it up online. Most everything in Korean (한글) is also in plain English if you can read the smaller font.  My phone app, Subway Korea (link in the pic above), was actually really helpful in the long run. We only missed transfers because we were in such a hurry (we didn't account for the time it would take to buy and fill the T-Money cards.) 

The winning post!

The fact that we almost got on the wrong train was awful and scary for me, but, I would like to consider myself to have recovered quickly as we were soon on our way to Seoul without major incident. Since we were later than we had planned, I was worried we might miss the show, but, we were right on time and not only got to our comfy, yet slim, chairs in the middle of the VIP section before the curtain rose. I even had time to take a selfie with Amy and post it to Instagram!


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