A day after Amy's birthday, we headed to Seoul for an orthodontist appointment. Although it wasn't ideally the greatest moment for me to spring a surprise adventure through town, I was determined to keep the plan to make the most of every trip we make to Seoul; especially since it takes us two hours there and another two to get back.

The food was a sweet and spicy answer to our prayers. Oddly enough, allergies had us all messed up that week so, this cleared out the sinuses and wasn't spicy enough to burn the throat going down. While I could have lived without the lemongrass getting stuck in my teeth, I don't think I can live here in Korea without having this soup again. The crabcakes were delicious on their own or with the mayonnaise sauce they came with and I really enjoyed the cucumber. 

After dinner, we headed down the street to a fantastic little dessert cafe! THIS was the huge reason we had walked all the way over to this side of town despite our dental office being so far away. We had googled things to do in the area and the pictures came up for this place called "Dessert Tree" and boy were we bummed to get there during their dinner break.

Luckily, we found the Thai food place around the corner and ate a great meal before heading back over just in time for the cafe to reopen. The chef even offered us free mint sorbet for the inconvenience after hearing we'd walked all the way from our appointment. 

The desserts we chose can only be explained as AMAZING! They were so tasty that the sound of us enjoying the meal was pretty much the only thing anyone heard from us the whole time. For the first time, Amy and I didn't even share and I can't say I would if we went again because it was that awesome. I have never thought to grill a banana for it's use in ice cream or to add fruit puree to my dish. She had never had dark chocolate ice cream before and neither of us will soon forget our adventure to Dessert Tree. I can only hope we might get the chance to return so we can try everything else on the menu!


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