So, last year, right before we took our second long hiatus from Youtube, we travelled to beautiful Daecheon Beach located in Boryeong, South Korea. We were lucky to be attending a wonderful church in Osan and they had family weekend retreat scheduled at the beach during the summer. It was such a wonderful and emotional weekend. Unfortunately, due to habitual car issues, we have not been able to return to that church. I am hoping that sometime within the next few months our car might be trustworthy enough to leave the city.

The boys really enjoyed seeing the ocean for the first time since the year before. They were climbing on EVERYTHING! They were wet 60% of the time. Amy LOVED bonding with her baby sis as an excuse to roll out her "I'm so cool" in tennis shoes at the beach teenager life. 

We couldn't help but laugh when we saw the obvious Disney characters on the poles around the beach. (Korea doesn't care about US copyright laws whatsoever.) I think if I had to go back again, I would seek out this hotel again. I am still not sure what the name was, but, it was really nice. They didn't have things like free meals, but, the room was so nice I wanted to stay longer.

Our weekend consisted of rooftop meals, sandy shorts and starfish. We endured little rain storms and tantrums but, we really enjoyed the entire weekend. We went to one back at Fort Campbell and it was really enjoyable. If your church is sponsoring camps or retreats, I urge you to participate.

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