So, in celebration of Amy getting all of her top brackets hooked up to ONE single wire instead of two, we took off after her dental appointment in Seoul and headed to Itaewon. There, we stumbled into a LUSH store (video coming soon), found a really interesting statue and enjoyed some delicious Mexican food!

So, we started our journey to Itaewon after Amy's dental appointment. We hopped out of the subway tunnel on the side with the NesCafe shop. (Did you see the cake shop in the video?) We were amazed at how relaxed it all was to us. It's kind of like walking around in Los Angeles. Soon, we were staring face to face with that beautiful statue you saw in the video. It's dedicated to the many women who were sold into sexual slavery and has a TON of symbolism within the exhibit (link in the photo above.) 

After a while, our tummies started rumbling so we decided to look around for a place to eat and I spied (with BOTH my eyes) something that had cilantro on it! We headed over to Coreano's Kitchen for some grub. I had the tacos al pastor and Amy had a grilled shrimp quesadilla. 

Ultimately, I am thankful for these moments with my teenager. In just a few years, she'll be an adult and making decisions on her own and off at work. I'll have these moments to enjoy her when she's not here for me to mess with. 


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