The USO is a major source of fun and entertainment for all military families and armed forces members. We have enjoyed many a free soda pop and sometimes it's the biggest contributor to why our kids behave extra well when they hear we might go to there during the week. We have been gifted free meals, t-shirts and a place to check out email, rest a bit or watch a movie. Please consider supporting them through donations. 

Anyone that knows the boys knows they are constantly fighting us on haircuts. Pretty much the only one that gets away with it is Alex and he's never once had a haircut save for a stinky moment when one of the boys gave him a little snip and stole a curl. They do look nice when they get haircuts (even despite the burping in the video) I wish they would realize how nice they look with haircuts as it's already time for them to do it again and I dare say they're going to fight us on it again. 

The dentist is an entirely different sitchunario! They LOVE their dentist. Everyone but, Amy and Abe go to the same dentist and they are so spoiled every time they go in to see their doctors. Abe has an issue where he can't get numb (just like his dad) so he has to be put down under general anesthesia with a special pediatrics dentist. When the dentist found out he felt so badly about the work he had to do that he gave Abe a grocery bag full of brand new Pokemon plush toys. Snorlax lives on my desk now. Amy sees a dentist up in Seoul and so far has terrific care but, no plushies. 

To clarify, how we walk around Lottemart and other Korean grocery stores is obviously not how they are expected to walk around the commissary. We have talked about doing it more when we go back home, but, in all honesty, they branch out and help fill the baskets with their handcarts and are able to get us in and out of the store fast when we're in English speaking stores. It's off post that had them bored out of their minds and itching to get into mischief. I could always just leave them home, but, they honestly enjoy going to the Korean stores with us. You should hear the little whispers behind me when they see something awesome get put into the cart and later the conversations turn to their plans to act even better next time in hopes to see more interesting Korean snacks to try. It allows us to shop our 4 story Lottemart in record time without too much distraction and the Koreans get to count us on every aisle we walk down. 

It was so exciting and hard watching Amy cosplay as Alice in Wonderland at the MWR Character Breakfast. I just can't believe how much she has changed in the 12 years since she first donned the costume and spent hour long private play sessions at a nearly empty Disneyland. She was so beloved at that age that when she came in months later dressed as Snow White, one of the actors broke character and asked if she normally came as Alice and then stole her away to the front of a very long line to reunite with her Wonderland pals. From staying up all night to perfect that signature to the reports of how great she was at playing her part. We are so proud of our daughter it's not funny.

Lastly, David went to After Formation pizza here in Pyeongtaek and the owner there told him to tell whoever blasted his business to Facebook THANK YOU and he said he owes you a beer. Turns out, he had sold out every single night that week and was having trouble keeping up with the demands of our ever supportive community. He's so excited about serving the Camp Humphreys area and we LOVE his pizza.


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