We have had such wonderful opportunities here in Korea to see things we might not have ever seen on our own thanks to PIEF (Pyeongtaek International Exchange Foundation.) They often plan trips that are open to all foreigners here in the area and many times they are free or at a discounted rate. This trip, we went to the Pyeongtaek Agricultural Technology Development Extension Center in Gyeonggi-do. 

Overall, it was an enjoyable day. The kids had a ton of fun playing with the other kids on the trip and I really loved the smells in the indoor gardens. Floral and citrus fragrances wafting throughout the room were such a pleasant experience. (One I hadn't enjoyed since Capri, Italy.) I think the room full of orchids was a really cool one. They were so beautiful.

In the museum portion of the trip we enjoyed many exhibits showcasing Korea's achievements in agriculture, including 4H programs and the many, many different varieties of rice they grow here. The kids learned about the tools they used in the beginning of their country's history and even got to try their hand at using a few of them. The only thing that should have been noted to anyone wanting to go on this trip in the future is that there is a portion upstairs and the building doesn't have an elevator. We didn't mind because we brought the baby in a tula and not the stroller, but, other patrons had difficulty getting upstairs. 

We were given a free lunch at a place called Arirang. It was so delicious that we honestly lost track of our camera and didn't take really great footage or pictures. But, I can say we barely had room for dessert and had to share because we all left stuffed to the gills with such a yummy array of delicious Korean food! It's not really that expensive to eat out here in Korea but, it was nice not to have to pay for a meal, so we decided to treat the kids to ice cream after they behaved so well on the trip. It was a very welcome reunion with daddy and ice cream as he joined us after work. 

I can't wait to see what PIEF has planned next. We really enjoyed this trip and we encourage you to look into a trip if you live in the area. If you're not in the Pyeongtaek area, what kind of community events are being planned in YOUR area?

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