The best part about this trip was that we got in for free! Occasionally, organisations like the USO and PIEF throw free field trips and in a family this large, we're all about free! We had such a great time hanging out in this zoo and seeing animals that we've never seen before and some that we actually HAVE seen before. Like in 2013 when Amy got to go to summer camp and they took her group to go pet a giant snake and she got to chill out with a kangaroo (jealous.) Although we prefer them in a more wildlife environment, both Amy and I have ridden on Elephants before as well. (My pictures are in America in storage but, I'll update this when I get home.)

So, we did have to bring money to deposit for the trip but, we got it back the day of the trip which was nice. There was not food involved on this trip but, one of the soldiers that we met this day fell in love with the kids and bought us all lunch at the in-park Lotteria. I am still floored every time that kind of thing happens. I never expect someone to take on that kind of responsibility and I am always so humbled when they do.

The bus ride was nice and not to long. We brought Amy's Ipad with some downloaded videos for the littles to keep themselves entertained. It was a sweltering day though. Even though we had water and repeatedly bought more things to drink in the park, Andrew got sick and threw up at the tail end of the day. The park had a wonderful first aid center and they gave him some anti-nausea medication so he could ride home safely without incident and it did it's job well. 

Amy was still pretty disappointed at the inability to touch snakes again and she would have been in heaven to handle a monkey. The boys were stoked to see the baby chimpanzee as none of us have ever seen one that close before. I was excited to see the peacocks and the otters. Dad really liked the tigers and I think everyone liked the bears. Unfortunately, the aviary was closed due to fear of bird flu. 

Overall, it was a great trip and we look forward to exploring more of Korea this year as summer break is upon us. 


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