So, this past November marked the end of the craziest 5 weeks I have endured since high school. I had taken the two older kids to the on post play auditions to try out for a community role in the Disney musical Aladdin. They came in with their sheet music in hand and proceeded to sign in and get just as nervous as the other people in the room. Little did they know that they would do great. In just a little while they would both be gearing up for rehearsals.

Over the next few weeks I would be busy directing a tremdously challenging, yet rewarding bilingual show as our producers had accidentally ordered Diensy's Aladdin the Dual Language Edition show which is in both English and Spanish. Who knew?! We incorporated short colorguard flags, a tall colorguard flag, tambourines, ribbon dancers, swing dancing, tap dancing and acrobatic flips into this crazy show. We used real flame for our lanterns and had a great show.

We got to work with some really great people and together our ragtag bunch of DIY cast members produced a Disneyland theater level of awesomeness the likes of a certain little theater just outside of Toon Town, USA. As an ex-cast member, I'll bet my boss would have been proud.

As no one truly expected this show to be in Spanish, 98% of the cast had to be reshuffled and changed around the first week with people leaving and coming in even up until opening night. It was an insane amount of pressure to get it all done. Our family make a lot of the props and brought in everything seen in the "Principe Ali" parade scene. It was the craziest event ever and frankly I am still so blown away by my cast members.

I recently sent out their DVD copies of the show that we made for personal use and I have to say, I would LOVE to run this show again (provided we had more than 5 weeks to throw it together that is.)

We were very lucky to be blessed with the funds to cover what we were able to and that much of the cast was able to purchase, provide or make what they needed to wear or use on stage. Without that dedication we would have been dead in the water as their was so much confusion as to whatever did happen to our costume order from Amazon.

In the end, Aladdin bought his costumes and his lamp, the Genie had his suit handmade in the ville and we brought in a tremendously busy and talented seamstress by the name of Trish who truly saved the day with costumes STILL being in need of sewing on opening night. Jafar's costume, the female translators and the Sultan were still being sewn up at curtain call time.

In the end, Andrew was chosen to play the butcher, Aaron was the "concerned citizen" and Amy opened the entire play with the very first line "Oh, I come from a land" as Royal Translator Numero Uno. She's come so far from the girl that refused to get out of the car and go to her first rehearsal without me.

I am so proud of everyone on my cast. They did such a wonderful job of bringing true Disney 'mágica' to the stage of Camp Humphreys Community Theater and despite the various hurdles we were forced to overcome during this production, I stand by my work and would proudly do it all over again if ever given the chance.

We even had the chance to throw together a last minute Mannequin Challenge video!

Buen trabajo, mis amigos!

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