So, in this video we highlight a very lovely trip to a cat cafe in Daejeon. This has been something we were hoping to get to do since we were in America and since going we have only desired to do it again and again. It's definitely going on the list of stuff to do before we say goodbye to Korea. Though we know not when we'll go, the words inevitable presence is creeping up on us ever slowly as we have begun to watch more and more of our friends here in Korea hop planes and head to their next chapters in life. We will miss so many people leaving this spring. I dare say I have never been so aware of a PCS season as I am now. Anyway, this video was a joy to review. I had forgotten how many times I had to pretend to drink my son's kiwi shake knowing that if I drank it, I'd regret it. (My tongue feels really funny whenever I come in contact with raw kiwi.) The kids had so much fun at the cat cafe that they still beg me to go get a cat (we have Max... he's basically a cat, right?)

The day we went out to Daejeon was fun. We got to meet new people and see a whole new city that we had never been to, and we've honestly not been back. The cats in this cafe were clean and friendly. I don't remember if food was on the menu, but, the drinks were delightful. Music was played and the cats enjoyed every bit of attention they got. To get in, everyone takes off their shoes in this little lobby and slides on house slippers. You see kitty hotels to the right of the entrance when you come in and inside are adoptable cats. THOSE were tempting.

We hope to be able to visit more cafes over the course of the next few months. I am certain we can find some interesting ones.

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