How neat was that?! I mean, compared to Disneyland, Lotteworld is sincerely lacking. But, if you've ever been to a place called Castle Park in Riverside, CA back in the 90's you'd see LotteWorld as an amazing treat. Honestly, I wasn't a huge fan of the rules on all the children's rides. We could go on this one, not that one. One ride would allow my kids, other rides wanted us to pay extra for the littles that didn't have to pay to enter the park.. For a foreigner it was a logistical nightmare with 7 kids in tow. In all honesty, I can't even say I would go again unless it was free. The things that saved the trip was the amazing family changing rooms and the parade/show featured at the end of the video.

The changing rooms in Korea are not just for moms. Anyone can walk in and provide care for their little ones. They are always amazing compared to the sad little rooms we have back home in America (another post, I promise.) The rides were ok but everywhere you went the lines were HUGE! Granted, we attended during the summer, but, it was crazy. Luckily, during the day, we stayed in the main building which is air conditioned. There were many rides to go on, but, for the most part we didn't get to do much.

Amy and the older boys went on a haunted house ride outside without us. It was a huge moment in responsibility considering we didn't even let them do that at Disneyland. They had a ton of fun. We had forgotten that we made the rule that if you got lost, we'll meet you at the castle while in Disneyland. When Alan got told by one of his stinky older brothers that we left the area and went to go to the bathroom (which never happened... I was standing like 5 ft. away from them and dealing with Abigail), he took off to find me. When he couldn't, he walked back to the castle and waited for me. I found him right away as I caught that he was missing about a minute after he ran off. It just proved that having a meeting spot for this kind of thing is a great idea. Also, with so many parks also having castles (often one of the tallest things in the parks) it's a great meeting spot for any family. I was really happy not to have to wait for a phone call from someone reading his wristband.

We don't think we'll be on the short list to head there without a plan in place like what we want to do etc... this was a last minute trip. But, I am not opposed to going to LotteWorld again.

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