So, originally, we held onto this video in hopes that we would find the memory card with all of our other memories from our trip across from Tennessee to California but, it appears as though we might never find it. So, here's what we had on my phone. If I even find it, I'll make a new video. In all honesty, I can't believe I forgot to just post this stuff a year ago, but, here it is. Many folks asked how in the world we traveled all over the place with littles in tow, the answer? Tula carriers. It was really simple to handle our business with the two littles being unable to run around in the airports and tramways. We came to Korea with about 11 suitcases and 6 backpacks. 3 Diono car seats and a whole lotta kids. (6 to be exact) and it was a fun journey. Truth be told, I was on my 6th flight that week and was sick and tired of flying but, happy to be in South Korea when we landed.

One of the first things we did was head out to AK Plaza and expose the kids to some real authentic Korean street food. It had always been fun to make it at home, but, seeing it made live and in person was a real treat.

Over the course of the time we were first in Korea, we bought our first vehicle, a 12 passenger Hyundai Starex (RIP) and drove out to Seoul to try some delicious BBQ lamb that was suggested in a video by Simon and Martina. It was delicious, but, some of our kids discovered quickly that lamb is not their body's favorite thing to do.

We rented out beautiful house out of the many we looked at and though we wish we had picked any other neighborhood, we are happy with our home despite our horrible neighbor situation (more in another post on another day.)

In looking to be ready for when baby Abigail would make her appearance, we headed out to Namdaemun market in search of baby clothes. We found socks and a dessert cafe and that you should probably not wait so late in the evening to go to Namdaemun. I still have no idea what kind of sandwich that was, but, I know it was yummy and that I would do it again. Driving home from Namdaemun, we got to see the colorful outfits worn by city workers while they were guiding traffic on the busy highway.

The end of our video highlights our Alex's love with Kornchee. They are a cheese puff with a strip of either white or milk chocolate and NO, he doesn't usually share them. That was supposed to be a FAMILY bag! (You can see why we don't buy them that often!)

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