This video is of course highlighting the goofy antics of our dear family but, is a true nod to our beloved Amy. She's such a ham sometimes. Abby was learning how to roll over on her brand new cushion (one of our Korean friends gave it to us and she LOVES it.) The kids enjoyed pizza with raisins and we got a great box full of goodies from family back home. It was a great week here in Korea. The day we went to the Cat Cafe, one of our Korean friends gave us the homemade cushion she had made for Abigail. Abby loved using it when we were out and about, since she couldn't sit up yet. This pillow had tags and buttons sewn on so you could fold it up and a handle so you can carry it nicely when you're on the go. It was a huge help when we visited restaurants where patrons had to sit on the floor and when she wanted to nap at the grocery store in the cart. Later, she used it to watch tv with the big kids.

The pizza was from a little place called Italy Pizza. No joke... it's pricey, but, it's probably the best after the Stoop in the ville. Frankly, we didn't think we'd ever find any place to deliver out here and the joke was that they clearly didn't think it safe to come this far out or maybe they thought we were pranking them. We're in a newer development in the area so 4 delivery guys came out here in a car just to get us our order (maybe they thought they were crashing a party since we ordered so many pizzas to feed our family?)

Later that night, we opened up a package from Aunt Krystle and enjoyed all the laughter that ensued. The kids got new Pokemon games for their Nintendo DS systems and we got to put a real life nerd on Amy's head. It was a great night here in Korea.

The next day, we took Abby and Aaron out to the ville in Osan and enjoyed the day after running some errands. We finally got to test out the Turkish ice cream gag and had some fun at Aaron's expense. It was seriously a fun time had by all. Aaron got to buy some hotteok and then I burned off all of those calories by walking down from the 12th floor (only thought to record it at floor 9 on down) after visiting my friend, K, on post. We got the littles bathed and after that Abby was still up when we got home that night so my time was undoubtedly devoted to her for the evening.

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