Many people have donated and even more people are interested to find out Maggie's story. To all of you, we say a hearty THANK YOU! We never imagined this poor little puppy would have such a blessing or NEED such a blessing. Well, I can honestly say that Maggie is (so far) doing well. She's here in our home in South Korea and, for now, she's doing well. She's not thrilled to be in isolation, but, with seven children and an active Old English Sheepdog running the house, it's not an option to let an untrained 5 month old, post-op Old English Sheepdog have free-access to the house.

Maggie's only 5 months old (we're thinking she was born in February so we've decided to celebrate her birthday around Valentine's day,) and she still has all her black puppy fur. The kids didn't believe us when we told them "sheepies" are born with black and white fur. We're sad that we're going to have to cut her fur but, it will look horribly uneven if we don't do this and she is too smelly to avoid a haircut. She's got shelter stink on her and we want her to be happier. Max was SO much happier after we were able to take him to a proper groomer. Since she'll be stuck indoors, both with recovery time and the fact that we're entering Monsoon season here in Korea, it won't be too much of a worry that she will be missing her protection from the sun.

So, for now, Maggie has all four of her limbs and for that we're grateful. I am so thankful that we had the ability to help her out. We still are very appreciative of any help we can for paying the bills for that, but, for now, she's safer than she was sitting in the city death row shelter. This is just one chapter in this little puppy's life and we're going to accept whatever the next page brings!

To help with Maggie's unexpected emergent medical bills, many people sent us their donations on our posted GoFundMe page. Without this support, we would not have been able to purchase Maggie's bandages. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

***UPDATE*** After I directed Aladdin, Maggie was homed with our wonderful seamstress that saved our show! We happened to be looking for an Old English Sheepdog for her family and it just made perfect sense allow Maggie to live with her and her terrific family. She is doing VERY well. 

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