The footage in this week's video is from 2011. It's short and sweet; as was my little Amy girl when she was innocently recording. We had just dropped my brother, Elisha at the airport and were driving down the road when my phone lit up. Amidst the tears of saying goodbye and the sorrow ensuing from watching him walk into the airport, somehow we missed the fact that they had already rescheduled his flight and we had to turn around and pick him up again. When we did this, we figured, when in Nashville... you go to the mall?

We soon arrived at Nashville's Mall at Greenhills. Walking into the mall, we enjoyed gasping at the low, low prices of the clearance rack and apparently did so at such a pace that we missed Amy's little voice filling the video with such goofiness. Looking back, had I known now how funny she was being, I would have encouraged her to keep recording instead of telling her to "turn that thing off."

Looking back, I miss when my bigs were littles. They are now the heart and soul of this family and they keep the whole thing moving even when we're dealing with our gloomiest days.

Hello, World!

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