So, in this video we explore the world of makeup with Amy, discussed safety with the bigger boys and finally got Alan's stitches out. This video also holds an eventful moment when our teenager decided she wanted to wear makeup this year. I have requested that she keep it toned down and very natural. Because she's a new teenager, this is important for her parents in order to keep down the urge to cry. We're also blessed because we're in Korea and other than the Kpop stars, MOST Korean women tend to wear natural tones and keep their look very simple. This, to us, is the perfect environment for a young lady to start dipping her toe in the "express yourself" pool.

Unfortunately, this week Alan also had to deal with getting his staples out of his head; which he handled like a boss. On the way home, Daddy had to have a lengthy conversation with the boys about behaving and staying safe. Apparently, they are 100% boys and don't quite understand the value of self-preservation yet. I am hoping that in time they will get better at not injuring themselves, but, so far we've actually had a fantastic run statistically speaking.

Injuries to date: Broken Arms (1,) Kids Needing Stitches (1,) Kids Needing Staples (1.)

I don't know, but, that seems to be to be a fantastic record for seven kids in one house. [youtube]


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