Man, from the title of this one, you'd swear we were in the middle of the US (just kidding, Kentucky!) A few weeks ago the freshly warped laminate flooring in our hallway told us it was probably time to call the realtor and ask for maintenance to come check it out. A few jackhammer holes later (yes, in the house) revealed a nasty leak between the wall of our second bathroom. (Do bathrooms have an order? For sake of argument, we'll decide that this one is the second out of three.) The leak was fairly extensive and we were extremely pleased with how fast our Korean landlord dealt with the damage and repair.

First we realized that the floor in the main hallway downstairs was buckled. Looking back now I wish I would have taken a few more pictures of the mess. I mean, it's not every day a jackhammer gets brought into your bathroom!

First they thought the ondol was broken and they pried up the flooring...

Here's a scary close up! (That's not mud, it's saturated cement!)

An even closer shot of the mayhem!

So, they hammered away and found water and not much else. They told me they'd be back in the morning with a "specialist" to check out the bathroom. The next day they came in and told us they found the leak, It was a pipe behind the wall where the toilet was sitting. So, they removed the toilet and cracked the wall tiles behind it.

That's where the toilet USED to be and that's the new tile waiting to be installed where they broke the old one.

Doesn't match... but, adds a neat touch to the bathroom.

Yup... again it doesn't match lol. In fact, I like that color better and it makes the rest of the hall look yucky.

But, perhaps this makes our home EVEN more Korean, if there can be such a thing for a house built in Korea.

So, after the excitement, I am happy to say we weren't without water for more than a few hours. We weren't without heat during the night. We didn't have to stay in a hotel, we didn't lose our minds. It was fixed so quickly you'd swear it was magic. It's really funny because even though it seems like a bunch of really crummy things have happened to us since we've been here, we're probably the happiest we've been in a long time. Now, if only I could find my memory card that has all my pictures and videos on them from August until November.

The other interesting and potentially scary thing is that we've found, not one, but, TWO mice in the house. Now, in all honesty our house is spanking brand new in a rural village and we expected a few rodents eventually, but, these two must have been related or something because they were both in the house less than two weeks apart from each other! The first one was an easy catch outside of David having to crouch to catch him in what our realtor affectionately calls our "Harry Potter Room." (NONE of our kids have ever been forced to live under the stairs though.)

Because we totally brought that coffee can all the way from America to catch a mouse in it!

We are officially on our second car here in Korea. We bought the same exact make and model only it seats 9 instead of twelve. I know, I know... boo! But, it has a better heater, working radio and comfier seats so I am SO not complaining. The last one became a total death trap after the mechanic realized that the awful sound we heard under the car was the frame snapping!

Scary, huh?

So, we bought a car from our mechanic and BOY are we happier than the many folks around here buying from other guys. He's fair, honest and speaks English really well so it's very easy to like him. Plus, he swapped out the old broken seat belts in the newer car for the working ones in our other car, hooked up our old radio (only this time it's not stuck on DEMO mode) and switched out the entire dash because, in his words, it was prettier!

So far, Aaron and Abraham have been the only kids that have had work done at our wonderful new dentist, but, I really feel badly for poor David. He had to get a bone graft done, but, it's all in the name of tooth replacement (FINALLY!) He should have a new tooth in by the end of the year. On the flip side, a filling fell out of MY mouth and I'm going to fix it soon. Korea is so much cheaper for dental work so we're not as stressed out as we were back home; a welcome change!


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