In October (yes, I know I'm really, really late in posting videos) we bought a car here in Korea and drove over to Seoul to meet Simon and Martina Stawski of the popular Youtube channel, "Eat Your Kimchi" (now featuring sushi since they moved to Japan.) This was a family wide bucket-list magnitude event! You see, we started watching their channel back in 2010 when my husband was stationed in South Korea without us. I had decided that we would learn about Korea and enjoy some of the same experiences he might be having without us by both learning about the culture but, also learning about the food. Part of this journey in discovery was spent tirelessly watching countless Eat Your Kimchi videos. Over the years, we have learned about all sorts of cool stuff ranging from customs, popular music, yummy food and how to eat ramen like a boss.We had missed out on the opportunity to see them in the States when they went on their North America tour so, you can easily imagine our excitement when we learned they would be meeting people on October 31st in Hongdae!

We planned to get everyone ready before time but, with moving our stuff into the new house and trying to figure out a route to go in our new-to-us vehicle, we just didn't have the time. So, this is why you see us getting the kids ready for their big "HELLO" inside the cafe on the top floor. It was empty since everyone was so busy saying hello and buying yummy coffee downstairs and out in the yard. Since our kids are into cosplay and we don't normally do store-bought costumes (or Halloween for that matter) this day was a very different one than usual) we had bought them ninja costumes and one Olaf costume on post on our way to Seoul and the only thing I could find for my adult sized-teenager was a beautiful mask. I am blessed with fun loving kids so this was a huge surprise and treat for them to get dressed up and go get candy.

After meeting up with the Eat Your Kimchi crew we purchased some scarves, hand protectors and a hat, I was given a free EYK shopping bag (shhh, I didn't tell you that.) I really think that purchase saved my butt later on in the day because MAN was it cold and I only brought a jacket and nothing else! We grabbed a couple of delicious cups of coffee and took off to meet our friends back in our new home city and drove home discussing the visit. David noted that he was so touched and inspired by Simon's genuine compassion he had for his wife, Martina and I was stunned that I wasn't the tallest person in the picture.

We headed home and met up with some friends for trick-or-treating and then drove out to grab some Pizza for a late dinner in our new dining room. All of the kids enjoyed the pizza but, not many of them were huge fans of the Irish potato pizza (because it totally tasted like deviled eggs) and the spicy, deliciousness that was the quesadilla pizza just wasn't for everyone. But, it was so much fun trying and we have returned many times since to buy more pizza. Sidenote: ALL of the stores get a huge kick out of the crazy foreigner with seven kids in tow. I'm telling you, if I could just teach them all to sing and dance, we'd be in business!

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