As, I sit here frustrated that my app ate my perfectly good blog post this morning, I am left to ponder as to what to write. You see, it has occurred to me that I have come on here no less than twice and declared our "we're back" to the world. So, I am left to wonder how many more times I might be able to do this until someone calls me out on my stuff. It serves me right to eventually run into at least one person that can honestly hold me to writing a blog a week as I had originally hoped to do. I think I might be able to promise one, maybe two, a week.

While I am on the subject of changes, we really did move to word press, but, I couldn't figure out all their complications and it seemed like a huge headache to pay for their site AND our domain name, so instead, I built a website. This seems like a good thing to do as we're finally getting to the point where we can share our South Korean adventures with everyone.

It's funny to me how many folks weren't even aware we had a website let alone a Youtube channel when we started and now we're doing pretty well in our process of settling down in Korea and I am confident that videos will be posted soon. I am unfortunately without my memory card from our brand new camera that had footage of our trip on the way out here, but, I am sure you'll be better pleased with us if we just get to posting and worry less about keeping it all in a timely order.

Our seventh child was born late last year and I've been blessed to have enjoyed such a wonderful birthing experience here in Korea. We officially bought a web domain and promptly built a very basic, but, adorable website that you can find by clicking on this link. I'm actually pretty pleased with how it came out and can't wait until we can officially pay someone to personally design us a new site. (*Sigh* Someday, right?) Last but, not least, I began selling Scentsy in January and I'm very excited about this month's scent of the month (it's seriously heavenly!) I encourage you to visit my site and check out the deals.

I know this blog is so overdue and not very long at all, so, without much ado, I present to you this... I'll post something up next week... I promise.


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