So, I saw that Noreen from Noreen's Kitchen is a proud Influenster and figured I'd give it a go. Sent in my invitation request to see what the hubbub was all about and got an invite the very next day. Lo and behold it's another survey site. (Which I am a huge fan of!) Apparently, they grade you against other Influensters and see if you have a huge following or not, which I am still working on. Then they take your demographic information and match it to the needs of companies needing input for their product. (Very interesting!)

So, I am happily plugging away as many reviews as I can; mostly cause it's fun. I can send companies my feedback and see what others say about stuff I am thinking about purchasing for our big family. Who knows if I'll ever receive the ever illusive "Vox Box" but, it's got our family talking, that's for sure.

Have you a survey site that you're active on? Let me know down in the comments or get at me on twitter! I could always use a good tweet. Check out the Pinterest where I'm posting all of my reviews. You'll see pics of the items I'm reviewing along with my personal opinion of the product.


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