So, I decided to figure out if I could make my own homemade stain remover. Of course, I went straight to Jillie and found a wonder recipe... it was all gravy until I went to use the bottle the next day and found my sprayer horribly clogged... poop on that idea.

So, I decided to try use washing soda with the next batch. I was running low and decided to make some more only the batch overflowed out of my bottle... grr... I don't want to do this every time I'm running out; what a mess! So here's my new solution!

First I went to the dollar tree here in town and picked up a couple bottles of cheap-o ajax dish washing liquid. To clarify, I hate that stuff with a passion... I can taste a residue on my cleanest of dishes. But, for this project it's cheap and perfect and I don't have to lick my clothes so I'm cool with it.

I grabbed a cheap-o bottle of ammonia at Walmart and some washing soda. Under my sink I store old vinegar bottles refilled with water for emergency purposes such as flushing and cleaning (you never know.) It's best to use a bottle that's been properly rinsed too because vinegar neutralizes ammonia and right now we don't want that!

So, it's basically her recipe with washing soda instead of baking soda.

2/3 cup ammonia
2/3 cup liquid soap
6 Tbl washing soda dissolved into 2 cups warm/tap hot water

Since I was rocking an empty 1 gallon bottle I quadrupled the recipe and now I only have to make it once every 4 bottles instead of after 1.

2 cups ammonia
2 cups liquid soap
1 1/2 cups washing soda dissolved into 8 cups of warm/hot tap water

Happy Washing!


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