According to govt statistics, 5-7% of all babies born in the united states will come down with thrush. What is it? It's basically a pretty name given to an oral yeast infection. Now, before you get all weird and immature, realize that all people have yeast in their system and it's only after it gets out of control that they attach a fancy name to it.

Your doctor will usually tell you that it's pretty common and it is so that statistic makes no sense to me. He or she will prescribe nystatin our diflucan (which in my opinion should not be given to your little one if you can avoid it!) If you're nursing the baby you might find you have red, scaly, itchy,burning nipples (sounds like fun huh?) If the thrush is allowed to proliferate you could end up with a yeast infection downstairs (if you know what I mean.) The baby could develop white patches on the inside of their mouth and the lips, be quite fussy, have a hard time nursing and eventually get a rash...poor thing!

So, what's a natural mama supposed to do? Well, there are a lot of options out there, but, for now I'll share what has worked for me.

First, cut out all sugar and fake sugar! You need to look up something called the candida diet. It's basically a whole lot of avoid sweets and eat meat and veggies. Avoid carbs like the plague.

Garlic pills and lots of garlic & onions, onions, onions in your cooking. I did take milk thistle to help the kidneys while flushing this yeast out of my system. When I got headaches, I took arnica. (When yeast dies, it releases stuff that can give you aches, pains and massive headaches.

I use tea tree oil instead of deodorant (you want to sweat that junk out but not smell!) Also after every nursing (if you can feel it in your breasts) it helps to splash a solution of 50/50 water & vinegar on them, let it air dry and place disposable breast pads in. I would avoid things like cornstarch, baby powder or ointments if you can, though, I did find success some brand of jockitch cream (just try to find one without parabens.)

B12 vitamins seem to help too! They help boost your energy levels which mamas need!

Continue to take a good prenatal vitamin. I take a great one containing probiotics (the good stuff!)

The next step I do every morning and then increase to before every meal until the symptoms subside for more than a week. You will fight me on it but, trust me...it works!

Drink lots of water and don't forget to smile causehere comes the hard part... First, get some Bragg brand apple cider vinegar and pour two tsp to 1 tbl into a small cup, add the drops of oil of oregano and fill the small cup with some water. Take a deep breath, think of something happier than burning and itching and remember the crying baby in the other room is counting on you, mama! DOWN THE HATCH!!

(If all else fails you can try Gentian violet, but, many mamas avoid it as it's overuse has been tied to oral cancers.)

I noticed my soon with those yucky white patches less than a week ago and they are already to the point where I have to LOOK for them just to prove he has thrush at all.

I really wish you good results on your thrush eradication. It's just a bump in the road but, it's an easy one to overcome with patience, diet and prayer.


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