Well, this week we've enjoyed lots of technical difficulties here. The internet is out but, it's not all bad. We've had a good taste of what we'd be doing if it never came back. The kids have askedme for more board games, books and DVDs. (There are only so many available to us right now a we've learned we're way to dependent on the likes of hulu and Netflix.)

So, overall it's not been a huge issue. We've counted it a minor blessing. We enjoyed our deliveries more, it seemed, since we had nothing to distract us. We planned out better entertainment ideas for when the meet goes back to business as usual.

The kids came up with more requests for delicious treats grim scratch and they cleaned better without television to distract them. They are getting better at working as a team. They even asked if they could do MORE school work. I might not cancel the internet, but I think we'll be cutting out hulu and Netflix for certain, or at the very least lessening the availability for the kids. They don't seem to be missing it.


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