This month our car decided not to work and I can't say I know how to fix it. We'll be practicing what we preach until Daddy gets home from his business out of the country and using our beloved food storage to get us through the next couple of months. It's been so nice knowing I don't have to worry or panic.

I have milk, both shelf stable and powdered for baking, cooking and drinking and all of the food we could ever need while waiting for the van to get fixed. The kids have said it's our own little TEOTWAWKI experiment and are excited to explore with me. This should get interesting!

We'll finally get to use our wheat grinder and can up that beef steak from the freezer! Of course, we still have internet and payday so we can still order anything we might need or want we just have to wait for it to get here. So it's not really a crisis of mass proportions but it is a definite shift from life as we know it!

I'll be making soap with the shortening we have so we'll be delving into the shortening powder for all of our baking and cooking needs and if I ever run out of my massive supply of frozen organic butter we can use the powdered butter as well.

I know I should be stressed out but, even with the hubby physically gone and the van pooping out on us this is the most stress-free pregnancy I've ever gone through! I guess following the wisdom if the ant really is a good thing to do in reality!


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