So, the other day I came across a pin on Pinterest that suggested placing a dish containing a cup of ammonia on the top rack and a pan of hot water below it. I did that and left the oven sitting overnight. I also threw in four burner covers (why not, right?)

Then yesterday morning, I went downstairs and removed the oven grates, poured the ammonia into the five gallon bucket we use for cleaning, added some vinegar, washing powder and hot water and set our gloved older boys to scrubbing the dining room walls while our oldest daughter and I set to wiping out the, now easier to remove, baked on crud from the oven. The littles played together in the playpen.

While I can say most of it came off rather easily, I will admit that we had to use baking soda and peroxide to get it to really clean up well; especially the glass on the door! Then, just because I can, I ran the self-cleaning mode on the oven. Four hours later, we have a ready-to-go oven with just a few spots that refused the leave our beloved oven and so I'll have to use something stronger at the end of spring after the new baby is here. For now, it's YouTube ready and I'm ok with that!

I can say that I have never seen baked on crud come off of oven shelves so easily! A quick wipe with a rag soaked in hot soapy water and we were off and running! I found it eliminated so much of the dreaded overwhelming woes of the thought of cleaning the rest if the oven off.

The kids are already coming to me with ideas on what they'd like to see baked first in our freshly cleaned oven and I can't say I don't share their enthusiasm. I'm not sure what we'll be baking first but I can almost guarantee we'll be sharing it on our YouTube channel now that the oven isn't so feisty looking.

The stove, however, has become a point of contention with the ladies in the house. It appears that a few of the burner covers need to be replaced. One has rusted (and it did so before the ammonia journey) so we'll be going online to see if we can order new ones as replacements c'est la vie!


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