I can't believe what an ugly day this has turned out to be. The sky is dark grey and my yard is a yucky wet mess! It's so dark outside, my solar light went through phases of not being able to charge at all, which is kind of depressing. The kids are fighting through mild cabin fever and begging that we start going on more walks when it warms up again. I whole heartedly agree that we should!

Today, we dusted off our grubby clothes and headed into the kitchen and living room. I emptied out the fridge while the kids picked up the living room and then we took out the trash. Our daughter came back from her sleepover and she bought everyone pizza with her allowance money. It helped that we had a mega cool deal code from papa johns.

As I type this in with my phone, the kids can be heard playing video games on the Wii and getting along famously (which is music to my ears.) They know that in about an hour it's going to be regular family chore time and they'll have to get back to work and they say they're ok with that.

I'm feeling so blessed, even with the gross weather outside. I pray for our friends out there under snow. Stay warm folks! As the Koreans say "fighting!" You can do this.


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