I'm here in our bed wondering when I'll feel motivated enough to leave it. It's cold, wet, and windy outside and I've been enjoying my Braxton Hicks contractions under the comfort of my warm covers.

Right now, the laptop is across the room and I'm watching my YouTube subscription videos like TV. How? Easy! First I made a playlist, you can call it anything you want! Then, I access my subscription videos listing page. From there,I click on the little box that selects every video on the list. Then I add all of the videos to the playlist and click play. Voila! No need for regular TV!

This eliminates our need to have the cable for television so I'm saving money and I get full control over what we watch. If someone gets offensive we can unsubscribe or simply skip the video if the topic is to boring do I never have to worry about the kids coming in and out of the room... Ooh, and I can watch our playlist on the Wii, too!

It's only a mega letdown, it seems, on Sundays. Most people seem not to upload on Sundays so if my day to sit down and add videos to the playlist falls on that day, I usually don't find many.

Today, the plan is to get up and start breakfast, then I'm going to see about finally planting something to start growing in the guest room. What are you doing today?


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