So, we don't watch every TV show with our kids and, even the ones we do, we don't watch every episode with our kids...but, the other day we're watching the episode of LOST where Kate and Juliette are running through the jungle and they are being chased by the freaky smoke monster. They run past the deactivated pylons and then activate it again. The smoke monster, realizing it can't get through, leaves. Our daughter then looks at me and then back at the screen and asks, "Why didn't it just fly over the barriers?" I've watched this show for years and that question has never once popped into my head.

I guess it's pretty easy to forget that the innocence of a child lies best in the simplest forms...questions. In Matthew 18, we're told that in order to get into heaven we must change and be like children. To many, I think this might be challenging. Todays world has people convinced that kids are dumb and despite all the self esteem programs in the world the reality of it all is that most grownups do not value much of what comes out of the mouths of babes. Through homeschooling, I've found that kids are the most insightful creatures known to our planet when nurtured the right way.

Our daughter had come up with some of the most wonderful things and understands what takes so many grownups years to understand. So many adults have become so utterly arrogant in their ways and beliefs that they make our daughter look like a genius.

I used to think it was easy for atheists to sit around and proclaim there is no God, but I've learned that it takes way more work and faith than that to believe that nonsense. I see the Lord in every intelligent moment shared with our children. I see him in the kindness shared between the kids in our home and the love their parents have for them.

All this from a one lined question out of the mouth of our babe...


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