Proverbs 15:13 A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance: but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken.

Nothing rings truer in our home today. Our kids are really getting into the spirit of our new attitudes and we've all been praying to be better team workers when it comes to household responsibilities. Even the baby, it seems, is happier to play with his toys than to get in the way of our cleaning this week. 

Today, the kids are washing the walls in our upstairs hallway. This will be the third time this week. The first time was just an awful mess. They fought and argued. We used too much cleaning solution and the little one got it all over the floor. It felt like nothing got done save for what me and our eldest were able to get done while the boys were going to sleep.

The next time they washed the walls, they fought a little less. We learned that three is still pretty young to be counted on for wall washing so he took a nap when the baby did. The kids were able to get a lot of work done but the accomplishment went to the two oldest kids and not all three of the oldest kids as it should have been.

Today, we found our middle child tried to go back to "business as usual" and grabbed a crayon and a marker and went to town on his fresh, clean, slate! This time, instead of me being the only one in the house that was frustrated by this, the older kids jumped up and said "what do you think you're doing?"

So, back to the drawing board, pun intended. Today, we consulted my favorite cleaning book and I found that we could try spraying a small amount of WD-40 onto the crayon marks and that it should come off with a paper towel. So, armed with a roll of cottonelle (cause that stuff is pretty much the same thing,) we sprayed a small spot and lo and behold it came off the wall with the slightest effort! 

Now, the kids are again wiping down the walls, this time to clean the oil off the walls. Only, this time, we have worship music playing and they are in better moods. I even heard an "I like helping you now" from our eldest son. I am still in shock which is what has led me to this blog entry. I never imagined that we'd hear that from these kids. They have never liked cleaning. I guess it's all in approach and consistency as the good books have proven time and time again. 


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