The Boys Playing with Christmas Toys

So, we went from being able to give each of our beloved children one gift each to having a tree filled with ornaments above a small mountain of presents. The kids were so surprised and thankful. It's so nice to have such good hearted children. Our daughter had such a wonderful surprise. She was blessed with two new 18 inch dolls,a bow and arrow set complete with a professional target block, The Hunger Games (both the second book and the DVD.) The boys enjoyed an assortment of remote controlled vehicles and each has a new wooden sword and shield (only two stabbings so far jk jk.) The baby is still being a real support waiting for batteries to be put into his new toys and I've just been happy to get some rest and an extra shower (or two) with my new sprite water filter!

Overall, we're calling it an impressive holiday. Next month the kids will get back to schooling and all the decorations will be up and in boxes in the garage. But, for now, we're happy leaving up the tree, Skyping with family and enjoying some extra calories here and there.


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